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Walk in and book an appointment with the receptionist

The receptionist will show you to our robot and help you get started
Our robot is fully autonomous with a touchscreen to guide you through your appointment
Our robot is fully autonomous with a touchscreen to guide you through your appointment

3D and AI technology paints the exact shape of your nail

How to get the best results from our robot.


Remove old polish, file and shape
File your nails to the length and shape you prefer.
Come to your appointment with clean, bare nails. If you forget to remove your polish, we have polish remover but can not remove gel.
Pro Tip
Leave at least a sliver of “white” at the tip of your nails—that space where the nail starts to separate from the skin it protects.


Dos and don'ts
Pro Tip
Relax your arm to eliminate micro-movements that interfere with painting.
First Timer?
There’s a bit of a learning curve in operating our robot. Typically people take 10-30 min for their first time. Once you learn how to keep your fingers steady and relaxed, painting will go much faster and you'll be in and out in 10 minutes or less!
What to Expect
What does the service include? Will you cut and file my nails?
How should I prepare for my MiNiCURE?
Is there a base or top coat?
Can the robot paint over a base coat or on gel or acrylics?
Do you offer an option for gel polish?
Are your polishes non-toxic?
How long does it take to dry?
Our Policies
What is your tipping policy?
What is your late policy?
How do I cancel/reschedule my appointment?
I cancelled my appointment before the start time. When will I see my refund?
Other Questions
Will it work for children?
Can I share pics/videos of the robot with friends?
When are you coming to my city?
How do I partner with Clockwork?
Need help or want to provide feedback?
Email us at