About Us - Clockwork

About Us


Clockwork designs robots that liberate people from everyday mundane tasks.

We exist to free people through smart automation— changing the way they work, how they spend their time, and where they find peace of mind.


We’re utopian dreamers from around the world who believe there is no time to waste on the mundane.

Why nails? For many of us, it’s a weekly task to check off the list. Most people spend 60 minutes per week on their nails. That’s 3,120 minutes a year! But if we can cut that down to just 10 minutes—what would you do with those extra moments?


Our seed round was led by Initialized Capital.

We have an accomplished group of angel investors, including Arash Ferdowsi (founder & ex-CTO Dropbox), Balaji Srinivasan (ex-CTO of Coinbase), Julie Bornstein (ex-COO Stitch Fix, ex-CMO Sephora), Noah Ready-Campbell (Founder & CEO Built Robotics), Liz Whitman (founded and sold Manicube to Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Salons) via XFactor Ventures, Cynthia Yeung (ex-COO CafeX Technologies), Vivian Chu (Co-founder & CTO, Diligent Robotics), Max Mullen (Co-founder of Instacart) via Product Co-op, Vijay Balasubramaniyan (CEO & Co-founder Pindrop Security).


Our name and mascot was born from our aspirational target persona, whom we call the “Athena Woman.” She is the trail blazing, time-pressed professional, and the master of her domain.

She wants her services to run like clockwork! Clockwork also speaks to the engineering precision we wish to bring to accomplish her tasks.

Our mascot is our mechanical interpretation of the “Owl of Athena,” which traditionally represents or accompanies the Goddess.