QA Days – Clockwork

User Feedback Session

Clockwork’s next-gen robot, Rory, is almost ready!

We have so many features we’re dying to show off, but the biggest one by far is that it’s fully autonomous! No attendants needed.

We’d like to invite you for a free nail painting service to give us feedback on January 27 from 12pm - 5pm.

Please book in advance! Appointments are 30 minutes.
300 Brannan St, Unit 201
San Francisco, CA 94107
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What to Expect
What does the service include? Will you cut and file my nails?
How should I prepare for my MiNiCURE?
Is there a base or top coat?
Can the robot paint over a base coat or on gel or acrylics?
Do you offer an option for gel polish?
Are your polishes non-toxic?
How long does it take to dry?
Our Policies
What is your tipping policy?
What is your late policy?
How do I cancel/reschedule my appointment?
I cancelled my appointment before the start time. When will I see my refund?
Other Questions
Will it work for children?
Can I share pics/videos of the robot with friends?
When are you coming to my city?
Need help or want to provide feedback?
Email us at